What Is The Process of Reiki Treatment?

Reiki is a complementary therapy treatment that is based around natural healing. In this treatment the healer channels the energy within and passes it to the client. Reiki energy is a life energy that gives multiple benefits.

Reiki treatment involves a gentle laying on of hands over the body parts of the patient. Due to this gentle touch the universal life energy channels through the hands of the Master and creates a deep sense of warmth, comfort and relaxation. These sensations are indicative of the universal energy within the healer being freed and passing on to the patient.

Reiki gives many physical benefits like reducing stress, stopping headaches, controlling bleeding and healing wounds. It also gives emotional benefits like deep comfort and solace. Thus it helps in promoting the deeper understanding the body. It also gives mental benefits like clarity and releases one from unhealthy habits that can no longer serve the individual’s best interests. Spiritually, Reiki gives recognition and strong connection with the inner source.

Reiki energy has several effects on a person:

  • Creates a feeling of deep relaxation
  • Removes the toxins from the body
  • Removes the energy blockages

Reiki aids in the in the treatment of several major ailments, such as: stress, pain, colds, flu and conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The Reiki energy works by cleansing the meridians of human body and balancing all the charkas. If done regularly Reiki helps in maintaining good health and well being. It makes people feel happier, calmer and less stressed.

The treatment generally involves the client lying on a massage couch to get the cosmic energy. A normal session lasts between ½ to 1 ½ hour. During this session the body goes into deeply relaxed state. This state, unfortunately, is not often reached due to our busy lives. The body absorbs the energy in to it and it works continuously for the next few days. But the duration depends on how depleted the person’s body is. Some people may find that they fall off to sleep during the Reiki sessions. Some people just enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation and peace.

During the treatment one may feel tingling session, along with hot or cold areas. Some people just feel nothing. No need to worry that the energy is not showing an effect. It is just because different people react in different ways to their individual sessions. After the treatment some people may have to go though a process called ‘healing crisis’. This is the natural way of healing various problems by the body itself after it receives the energy. During this time some also may feel generally low, unwell or weepy. But this will pass after a couple of days.