What Are The Responsibilities of a Reiki Healer?

Reiki master or healer is a level of achievement in Reiki. Some people believe that Reiki healer means he mastered the art of Reiki healing. Being a Reiki healer carries a great deal of responsibility that one has to fulfill. A Reiki master has three main responsibilities.

Responsibility To Himself
A healer has to nurture and develop from within. He has to release any negativity from within. In today’s world, one often comes across conflict that one can choose to either take on board or resolve calmly. One may suffer from disease, face negative emotional reactions and suffer from feelings like worry, anger and low self-esteem. A healer should not allow these feelings to fester and grow, but let them go and heal.

A healer has to take care of himself living by Reiki Principles given by the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. One has to allow himself Reiki healing every day. Especially one is not of much use to anyone else if he himself is a mess. This responsibility is the hardest to carry out and is an ongoing effort that gets easier with years of practice. Keep going back to teachings of Usui with humble spirit to fulfill this responsibility in a better way.

Responsibility To People and Students
The healer has a major responsibility to the people who come for Reiki. They include members of public who come for treatment and the students who come for initiation and teaching. When someone comes for Reiki treatment, a healer has to explain to the client in detail about Reiki and encourage him to go for it. A Reiki Master has to explain the client about this holistic process and need for several sessions. It helps in healing the symptoms as well as the underlying causes.

When a student approaches a healer for initiation and teaching, it is the beginning of a spiritual and emotional journey. After taking into account the road traveled before by the student, the Reiki healer has to support the student on his exciting new journey with Reiki.

A good Reiki healer will be sensitive to the needs of his students. After the initiation and teaching, a healer can support his student by making himself available to the student and maintaining the regular contact and supervision. The rest is up to how the student responds to his Reiki healer.

Responsibility To Environment
A healer has to care of his environment. He has to be responsible, love unconditionally, and allow the healing radiance to flow wherever it is needed. A Reiki Master has to start each day by asking himself that he is a channel or conduit for Reiki energy and allow it to flow wherever he is. A Reiki Master has to strongly believe that living by the Reiki Principles will earn him decent amount to live happily.