Self- Treatment Through Reiki

Self-treatment is an easy way out for many who would like to avoid getting healed by a practitioner.  It is not easy, but can be done if one is sincere in one’s efforts.  He or she has to learn all the nuances and practices well before taking on such a responsibility.  For the healing process to be successful one should first get trained well and then try self-treatment.

Reiki can also be done through self-treatment like many other practices. One can heal himself or herself successfully by practicing it properly.  One needs to find some time during the day to carry out Reiki and should follow the path very devotedly.

How to Self-treat Through Reiki?

Reiki for himself or herself is what one would like to aim for.  It may not be possible to take out an hour or so, and therefore one may have to do it for five minutes at regular intervals.

Reiki can be done through self-treatment in places of work as well as  at home or at  any convenient spot.  One will feel very refreshed and full of vitality after the energy is passed on.

One has to place hands on oneself and pass on the energy and feel relieved from stresses and strains. There are various instructions to be followed in the placements of the hands on oneself.  One has to just follow them and the energy flows through very smoothly.  One need not get too bogged down with the nitty- gritty. It should be done with confidence and sincerity of purpose.

It does not matter where the hands are placed, as the energy will flow to the part that you want it to flow.  If you place your hand on your head then energy will also flow to the feet as well.

Sensations vary from person to person. Depending upon where the hands have been placed,some experience cold, tingling, pricking feeling or a combination of all of them.  People who are sensitive to pain will experience stronger sensations as compared to those who are less sensitive.

The sensations felt while the energy is flowing will peak, then become less till and then wither out. Then you may perhaps want to change your hand position elsewhere.

Effect of Reiki Self-Treatment

One can get rid of stress, headaches, body pains,  effect on the pituitary gland, treat hormone imbalances and many more.  Mental and emotional problems also can be treated.  One can improve one’s concentration.

By self-treatment one can improve one’s performance levels in various activities.  At the work place also one will do well.

Reiki self –treatment should be part of one’s daily routine.  The more one practices it, the better one learns to perform it. Practice makes you perfect as the saying goes.  Being the Master yourself, you know better what you want from Reiki.