Reiki Symbols

The Reiki symbols help you reach the echelons of a higher mind. They are the keys that help you in the healing process. They connect the user to universal life force and also help him in getting the results intended. A symbol shown during attunement impresses upon the student’s mind and merges with the metaphysical energies it represents.

Reiki symbols are sacred healing symbols, which help in the flow of life force energy. They open the doors to higher levels of awareness and manifestation. They are Sanskrit- derived Japanese. The symbols are partly based upon the Japanese writing system, Kanji.

These symbols are shown prior to attunement. The imprint made on the learner’s mind links the image’s shown to the metaphysical energies the symbol represents. The Reiki attunement empowers these symbols to fulfill their intended purpose. This has been sanctified by divine covenant or sacred agreement between the Creator and those who have been attuned.

These symbols are considered to have their own consciousness. It is possible to meditate upon them and received guidance from them as to how to use them.

Why Reiki Symbols are Important?

These symbols are used to focus and connect to a specific aspect of the Reiki energy. One has to be attuned to a Reiki Master in order for the symbols to work. During the attunement one is given a connection with the energy through the symbols and they help in focusing.

The symbols were originally meant for those who had little experience with energy and could easily be connected to Reiki energy. Once a person gets connected he does not need the help of the symbols. Till one has the practice of the energy and is comfortable with one he or she should not get rid of the symbols.

Some Symbols

Traditional Reiki consists of three symbols, which are given during Reiki 2 ( initiation). They are- the Power symbol (Choku Rei), the Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei He Ki), and the Distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen). Choku Rei means “God and Man Coming Together). Sei He Ki means the Key to the Universe and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen means the God, the Buddha, the Christ……Tam-a-ra-sha grounds and balances energy. Dai Kyo Myo is the most powerful symbol in Reiki and is used for healing the soul.

Reiki symbols help in linking up with the vital energy forces of life. These symbols are taught while being attuned by a Reiki master. They should not be discarded unless and until one has been able to identify with the energy flow. They help in the Reiki healing process.