Reiki Music

The therapeutic effect of music is an accepted fact. Music is used for relaxation purposes and for healing also. Spiritual healers use music to heal people and the meditation aspect of music is very valuable.  Soothing music as well devotional is played to relax the mind and body. Similarly, Reiki music helps in healing.

A Reiki healer does more than merely transferring energy. He transfers living energy that is healing, loving and compassionate to someone in need. Reiki invokes the Divine. Music therapy can be very effective and powerful healing therapy when combined with Reiki.  Music helps in creating an atmosphere where the vibrations of the received energies help in the healing process. Different frequencies of sound enters the ear which stimulates the nerves which results in relaxation and soothes the body system and there is a feeling of general well- being.

Music is also used to soothe the charkas and the sounds help heal pre-existing energy patterns that are residing within the charkas that vibrate on a certain frequency and differ from chakra to chakra.  One can use Reiki music for healing chakras through specially tuned frequencies that vibrate on a certain frequencies, which works wonders for balancing any imbalances in the chakras. Reiki music consists of high and low tones, which alternate and trigger off a stimulus, which aids in the therapy.  Even the symbols of Reiki vibrate on certain frequencies.

Reiki music is effective in guided imagery meditation and helps in self-merger with the Higher Self. The healing music is slow, repetitive and is a gentle soothing mantra.
Reiki music is good therapy. Relaxation helps the patient and the practitioner and their minds are open to healing and attunement. Music is used for relaxing and energizing, and slow and smooth rhythms and sounds can be used to this effect.

Reiki music can be a combination of harp, guitar, violin, viola, flutes and piano. Tibetan bells and singing bowls are not uncommon either. These sounds help in clearing the conscience and helps one prepare for the healing energy.

One needs respite from daily hardships.  Relaxation is very essential. Music helps us here and Reiki music heals us in many ways.  It soothes our nerves, our emotions and feelings. It restores balance and harmony in life. One can seek solace in Reiki music.