Reiki Mediation

Meditation is a state of mind wherein we try to just stop for a while from the chaos and crazy pace of the world around us. Trying to concentrate on nothing, just letting the mind in a direction that it wants to go.

But talking about reiki meditation, one first has to realize that it isn’t meditation in the most fundamental way. But at the same time there is no other word that aptly describes it either. So we would stick to calling it reiki meditation.

Reiki meditation is a form of meditation that gives the mind a sense of calmness, clarity, ability to imagine better, wider consciousness and increased healing power. It helps the mind it envelope itself in a state of increased energy thereby helping it solving problems quicker and better.

There are some steps that one needs to follow to do this. Firstly, it’s important to seat oneself upright and straight. It hardly matters whether you sit on a chair or on the ground, but make sure that you sit with an erect spine.

Now place your hands on your keens or at any other place that you are comfortable with. Relax your mind and both and visualize the power symbol in front of yourself with your whole hand.