Reiki Healing

Reiki can enhance your life. Reiki is a Japanese word, which actually means Divine Life Force Energy. Generally many people consider it as “laying on of hands”. The concept of reiki is that the universal life force passes through the healer’s hands to the patient.

Reiki Gives a Feeling of Well Being

The main advantage of reiki healing is to give you the feeling of well-being, loving happiness and wholeness. It can give you spontaneously healing. This treatment is mainly a holistic treatment treating your complete health problems. After reiki healing you can observe the loving radiance all around you.

Heals Physical, Mental and Spiritual Problems

Reiki healing can treat problems of all the three bodily states – physical, mental and spiritual. It’s not only simple, but also a natural and safe method for anyone to make use of. Testimonies show that it can free you from virtually every known illness and malady. And, it can always create a better effect.

More importantly Reiki healing can be done well in conjunction with any other medical or therapeutic technique. It not only relieves side effects, and also promote a speedy recovery.

How can I learn it?

Anyone can practice and get benefited from Reiki. In reality, it is not learnt, but it is experienced and then transferred by the Reiki Master to the student. An experienced Master can do it by raising the vibratory level of his student and opening awareness of the student to the universal healing life energy. The student’s educational level or even intelligence has nothing to do with it. Because it is directed to one’s own universal essence, so anyone can learn it.

Reiki healing is not a spiritual movement or an organized religion. Indeed it is contrary to popular belief that one has to be religious to achieve this. The only thing needed is you need to experience it, and make it a natural part of your own essence and be instantly familiar with it. However, as the universal energy is from the creator, your own closeness to the one you feel comfortable with (like our Creator) will enhance your abilities in Reiki healing.

Benefits of Reiki

The main benefit of Reiki is – you can be healed and also can heal. You can raise your spiritual level and also raise that of others. As Reiki is a truly holistic treatment, it positively affects your body, mind, emotions and spirit. The natural consequences of Reiki healing are true relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

How can I Begin?

You have to approach a Reiki Master or teacher. Take the help of your intuition to choose the right one. You can mean one person as “right” by observing one’s treatment. You can instinctively feel the difference. When the fit between you and the Master or teacher is correct, then he is surely your ‘right’ teacher.

How effectively Reiki works for you and others is directly proportional to how harmonious you are with the universal goodness. This means the level of harmony you have with nature, your diet and your thoughts and attitudes. Be the best with nature and get the best from nature.