How to Practice Reiki at Workplace?

Every employer would like that his or her employee works at his or her maximum efficiency levels and his or her performance levels goes up.  An employee can put in his or her best if he or she is totally relaxed and free of worries and stresses. Meditation helps.  Different forms are there to choose from and Reiki is one option available.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word, which means Universal Life Energy Force. It is a non-invasive energy healing system. It is a form of healing wherein the practitioner places his hand on the person to be healed and energy is passed on to rejuvenate the body parts, which are afflicted by illnesses.  It is also kind of spiritual healing, but there is no physical touch unlike in other forms of spiritual healing.

The recipient is fully clothed and is generally seated in a chair or lies down on a couch. It is done in a quiet place.

Reiki at Workplace

Reiki can be given to employees in offices.  The practitioners visit them and
carry out the procedure in the privacy of their rooms. A quiet place is
required and the recipient as well as the practitioner should not be disturbed.
It is a valuable tool in the management of resources. It does not require much time.

Several companies are finding it useful in improving the quality of work. It is useful as a stress management technique as well as sick leave strategy.

How Effective is Reiki at Workplace?

  • It reduces stresses. It helps reduce tensions, headaches, insomnia and panic which affect health due to stress
  • The clients feel more relaxed and revitalized and perform their tasks better
  • A feeling of general well-being is there among the staff, who will interact better among each other, in more friendly manner
  • Relieves the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress restoring energy balance and vitality
  • Productivity is increased
  • Lowers the number of sick days taken by employees
  • Direct impact on staff morale
  • Helps in attaining goals

Reiki can be very useful in improving the quality of the employees of a particular organization, and if implemented, can not only bring down stress levels but also promote a feeling of camaraderie.  Employers want to ensure that their employees are more relaxed and stress free.