How to Learn Reiki?

It is not difficult to learn Reiki.  One need not be a great intellectual. It does not require days on end practice to master it.  It has to be just passed on from the master to the student.  Once he learns it he can start practicing it. Not too much talent is required or exceptional learning abilities. What is required is the feeling that your are connected to God, his healing love and touch.

How Reiki is Passed On?

The practice is transferred to the learner. It is not learnt in the manner other healing systems are learnt. It is a special link between the master and the student.  It is a powerful spiritual experience. The Reiki master channels the energy to the leaner. Messages, past experiences, healings visions are also shared. Once you receive Reiki your intuitive awareness and psychic abilities improve.

One never forgets Reiki once one has learnt it. It does remain with you forever. One can add to one’s learning.  For example one can refine the energy levels one is channeling, increase the strength of the energy, healing of personal problems, clarity of mind, increase psychic energy and raise one’s level of consciousness. It is good to add to one’s levels of learning.

While learning Reiki, the body gets purified of toxins.  It is therefore important to ensure the purification of the body much earlier before receiving Reiki.  By doing this one gains much more benefit.

Those who want to learn Reiki must be attuned to Reiki. The attunement takes 5 minutes to an hour. It should be taught in a quiet and private place.  Attunement is at 3 levels.  Once Reiki is taught it remains forever and the person becomes a regular healer. Even after learning Reiki one can strengthen the process further by more training and receiving further attunements.

The following steps are optional during the attunement:

  • Refrain from fish, meat or fowl three days prior
  • Consider water or juice fast for one to two three days
  • Minimize the use of coffee ands tea or avoid it completely
  • Use no alcohol three days prior to the attunement
  • Minimize or stop using chocolates
  • Do not watch T.V., listen to radio or read newspaper
  • Go for quiet walks, spend time with nature, and exercise moderately
  • Release all negative emotions

Learn Reiki and use the practice to heal people of their ailments and diseases.  To be a healer is a challenge itself.  Once you are master of Reiki you are always one.