Hand Positions for Reiki Treatment

Reiki healing system has its own method of practice. It is done in a particular manner and the practitioner has to follow them. Hand movements play an important role in it. Unlike other spiritual healing techniques, it does not involve any physical touch.

The hand positioning decides the healing patterns. One has to master these movements to become a good practitioner. The energy is supposed to flow through the hands.

The hand is placed above a particular part of the body, which has to be healed.  The energy flows through these hands and the healing process begins till completed.

Reiki can be passed on to anybody.  Whoever wants to learn the practice can do so.  Only he should learn it the right way.  He should master all the hand movements.

Some Hand Positions in Reiki Healing

  1. Hands are placed above the eyes in case one is trying to treat some eye ailment.  Or above the head in case a headache has to be treated. The concept behind this treatment is that one should not touch that ar part to be treated, but one should only place one’s hands above it.
  2. To treat stress, tiredness, headache, brain-problems connected to epiphysis, hormone imbalances nerves, mental and emotional problems, the wrists are to be placed together with right and left hands’ fingers over the temple.
  3. Hands at the side of the head, slightly cupped over the ears help in treating ear, nose and throat problems, colds, hearing.
  4. Place your hands together and slide then under the head so it lies in the bowl of your hands.  This will cure stress, worry, headache, colds, brain, back problems and spinal nerve problems
  5. Place one hand above the kneecap and one under the knee. Treat each knee separately. This can help treat knee injuries, disability to bend and stiffness in the neck.

Reiki is all about hand movements. How they are placed above the area to be treated. One has to perfect the positioning these hands in order to be a good practitioner of Reiki.