Choosing a Reiki Teacher

Any practice requires expertise and knowledge and the person practicing it should be well versed in it.  He or she should have the ability to carry out the task well. Reiki is no exception to this and the practitioner should be fully aware of its concepts and the manner in which it should be effectively performed on the recipient.  The Master plays an important role in the healing process.

A person can be healed well if the person healing is adept at his work. He or she should be familiar with all the nuances of Reiki.  The person being healed should have complete faith in the Master and should have a positive outlook that he will be cured.

One should be very careful while choosing a practitioner.  One should make sure that he or she is not a fraud and the intention is not to make money. He or she should be sincere in his or her  efforts and be committed to the practice.

How to Choose an Effective Reiki Teacher?

  • The Reiki teacher should be a licensed one.  He or she should belong to an accredited association. One should also be aware that different associations teach differently.
  • Before selecting one, one  should get all the necessary information about his abilities as a practitioner, his credentials and character
  • The Reiki teacher should abide by a code of ethics
  • Testimonials should be provided with regard to his practice
  • They should be well healed themselves
  • They should understand the healing process well
  • One should be familiar with places where a Reiki teacher can be available.  In some places they offer their services for a small donation or even free
  • A healer who has been through a trauma himself and was healed will be a better practitioner
  • They should have the ability to give the best treatment
  • They should be well versed in their subject
  • Trust your instinct while choosing a practitioner
  • One should talk to the practitioner before and feel comfortable with him or her
  • Distant attunements should be avoided.  One should learning Reiki directly from the practitioner
  • Make sure that the healing practices are genuine
  • The Reiki teacher should have a lineage
  • A good practitioner should accept that Reiki has contraindications and be willing to discuss it with the clients and students

A professional who knows what he is doing pretty well should pass  on  the Reiki energy.  Doubts should not arise with regard to his or her proficiency. A dedicated person can heal well.