Reiki and Hypnosis

Hypnosis involves an altered state of consciousness, employing visualizations and helps the patient to achieve specific or generalized goals. Reiki practices can also be used to achieve this goal.

The hypnotic stage is an altered state, which is different from the one we normally operate when we are awake. The brain functions slower and we are less alert on the conscious level. One can have access to the subconscious mind and one can work through it. It tries to bring the subconscious in sync with the consciousness, so that one can act accordingly.

In Reiki, there is a Master who hypnotizes you. It is done in a gentle, intuitive manner with the use of guided imagery. The Master should be a certified hypnotist. He should be well versed in what he is doing.  In other words, he should be a professional.

Deep relaxation techniques are applied to reduce the stress and give relief to other emotional problems. One experiences emotional, spiritual and physical healing through this process.

Reiki hypnosis helps you with health problems such as phobias, anxiety, confidence, habits, insomnia, eating disorders, chronic pain, grief, depression and many more.

Issues can be resolved in one session. Confidentiality is maintained and the relationship between the Reiki Master and the client is sacred.  Both the client and the Master should be comfortable with each other.

Reiki hypnosis helps in managing our stress, eases our tensions, helps us in having a positive mental attitude, and enhances our self-confidence and assertiveness. We gain in many ways.

The Reiki Masters offer training in this technique and workshops are also held. One can learn it and help others.

Reiki hypnosis can be beneficial to us. We need to believe in it to gain from it. It is spiritual, but can help us in coping with our physical ailments as well.

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