Reiki used in Hospitals now

Hospitals now are adopting reiki for treating patients. One such hospital is the Franklin Memorial Hospital located in Farmington which is situated in New Mexico. Reiki is a form of healing which does not require medications or machines. It requires loving human touch, through which energy is channeled from one person to another for stress and pain management.

This ancient Japanese technique has been administered to patients since November at Franklin Memorial Hospital.

The benefit of this treatment is that it brings about healing irrespective of the fact that the patient has belief in the treatment or not.

Reiki is first given to the upper part of the body starting off with the head first and then moving to the lower parts of the body Sometimes, patients will say they feel relaxed or good and report less pain and stress. Sometimes they sleep during the 20-30 minute session, and others have reported seeing colors..

The hospital has reported an 87 % reduction in stress and 55% reduction in pain. Also this session of healing has become a time of bonding for the patient and the Reiki administrator. These sessions of healing are offered for free. Reiki is not just administered to the patients but also to the hospital staff.

People have sought Reiki treatment to aid recovery from surgery and anesthesia, to treat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, to lower heart rate, improve mental clarity, enhance the sense of well-being and / or spirituality, and the sense of peace in people who are dying, according to the Center’s report

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