Japanese Reiki for Stress Relief

In today’s life we are stressed a lot because of our busy lives. And, Reiki can relive our stress by balancing the body’s energy. In some ways Reiki is an energy medicine. Reiki helps in stress relief by increasing the vibrations in the body that promote relaxation.

How it is done?

There are some who master the art of Reiki for stress relief. If you had used massage for stress relief in the past, then Reiki can offer overwhelming benefits. In this Reiki stress relief treatment, first you have to lie down or sit comfortably. Then master places his hands on certain areas of the body, which are of concern. Then pressure is applied for 5-10 minutes. How much pressure has to be applied depends on the kind of ailment of that particular area.

Reiki stress relief treatments will be done in consecutive appointments. Each session lasts for at least an hour.

How will you feel?

Experiences for different people vary in Reiki. But normally most people feel the energy as heat. Some feel tingling or vibrating waves of energy as coming from the hands of the practitioner.

Some also feel a deep state of relaxation and a glowing radiance surrounding them. At the end of a treatment, you feel relaxed and refreshed. You will also get a more positive, balanced outlook on life.

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